Our Services

  • 1 to 1 Personal Training. One of the most effective ways to meet your own personal targets is with personal training. These sessions can be indoors or outdoors and either at your home or our facility. Not the cheapest option but ten sessions with guidance on nutrition and additional home training plans can meet your needs very effectively.
  • Online Training.
    1 to 1 Online training available over zoom (or other method)
    Online Classes Join in our scheduled Facebook group sessions (which are available to repeat for as long as you subscribe to the classes)
  • Small Group Classes. Join in our scheduled small group circuit sessions.What is Mobirise Kit?
  • Private Group Sessions. Join with a group of friends or colleagues to pick a time to train together. These sessions are definitely a lot of fun.This extension allows editing the code of block in the app. Also, it's possible to add code to the head and body parts of pages.
  • Home Training Plans. If you just need someone to create training plans for you, then we can create as many as you need at a cost per plan or per week.

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